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  1. Definition of quasi. (Entry 1 of 2) 1: having some resemblance usually by possession of certain attributes a quasi corporation. 2: having a legal status only by operation or construction of law and without reference to intent a quasi .
  2. quasi-. a combining form meaning “resembling,” “having some, but not all of the features of,” used in the formation of compound words: quasi-definition; quasi-monopoly; quasi-official; quasi-scientific.
  3. Aug 12,  · Reduplication of quasi. Adverb. quasi quasi. Indicates a lack of certainty; maybe.
  4. Of course, in a bigger or more degree, one can consider the neutrosophic cybernetic system (quasi or approximate control mechanism, quasi information processing and quasi information reaction), and similarly the neutrosophic chaos theory, neutrosophic catastrophe theory, .
  5. In mathematics, more specifically category theory, a quasi-category (also called quasicategory, weak Kan complex, inner Kan complex, infinity category, ∞-category, Boardman complex, quategory) is a generalization of the notion of a flexojmorsipete.snelgantaginowsprodarsulacatuara.co study of such generalizations is known as higher category theory.. Quasi-categories were introduced by Boardman & Vogt ().
  6. Sep 21,  · WSe 2 and MoS 2 have two phases, a quasi-metallic phase and a semiconducting phase. This phenomenon is only present in the quasi-metallic phase, but absent from the semiconducting phase.
  7. quasi pref (indica attenuazione) quasi prefix prefix: Added to front of word stem--for example, unsaid = un+said. Nota: Può comparire con grafia unita (Una trasformazione quasistatica) o divisa (Un quasi gol). Le tue quasi scuse non mi impietosiscono. You're quasi-excuses are not impressing me.

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