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  1. The Myrmidons, legendary inhabitants of Thessaly in Greece, were known for their fierce devotion to Achilles, the king who led them in the Trojan War. Myrmex means "ant" in Greek, an image that evokes small and insignificant workers mindlessly fulfilling their duties.
  2. noun, plural Myr·mi·dons, Myr·mid·o·nes [mur-mid-n-eez]. Classical Mythology. one of the warlike people of ancient Thessaly who accompanied Achilles to the Trojan War. (lowercase) .
  3. The Myrmidon (剣士, Kenshi, Sword Fighter in the Japanese versions) is a classic combat physical class that recurrently appears across the Fire Emblem Series. Wielding Swords as their sole weapon of choice, the Myrmidon class is distinguished from the similar Mercenary class, but closely linked to it in terms of origins and promotion Seen: Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War.
  4. 1. Greek Mythology A member of a warlike Thessalian people who were ruled by Achilles and followed him on the expedition against Troy. 2. myrmidon A faithful follower who carries out orders without question. [From Middle English Mirmidones, Myrmidons, from Latin Myrmidones, from Greek Murmidones.].
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  6. Myrmidon was laid down (as Yard number ) on 23 October , and was launched on 26 May , completing in May Myrmidon closely resembled Spiteful, built by Palmers under the previous year's shipbuilding programme, and like Spiteful had four 30 knots (56 km/h; 35 mph).
  7. Sep 23,  · Myrmidon Generic Myrmidon portrait in New Mystery of the Emblem. Especially swift, with high avoidance, the Myrmidon deftly wields the sword. This section is missing stats, calculations, or growth rates which may be currently Follow-Up (Genealogy), Shove, Critical .
  8. Sep 16,  · Myrmidon Bracer is a Keepsake obtained by giving Achilles a gift of Nectar in the House of Hades. Its effects can be enhanced by clearing enough encounters with the keepsake equipped. Take 20/25/30% less damage from the front, but 10% more from the back. From Achilles; you share an Unyielding Bond Fated for glory, he shall forever be remembered, and remember you. Wearing the Myrmidon Author: Hades Wiki.

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